Are You an Endomorph? Here's How to Eat and Exercise to Look and Feel Your Best

Published: 02nd September 2008
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Are you an endomorph? Here's how you tell. If you tend to be rounded, medium to big boned, short limbed and find it hard to take off fat, you are an endomorph.

Very few people are entirely true to one body shape, but if you are apple shaped (carrying more weight in your upper body with a smallish backside and shapely legs) or pear shaped (slim shoulders tapering out to wide hips) you have more than a touch of the endomorph about you.

The best thing about being an endomorph is that we respond very readily to the right type of diet and exercise program, because as well as being disposed to carry fat, we also muscle up quite readily.

Whether you want a lean, toned look or a mass of muscles, a simple diet and exercise program will come through for us naturally strong but sloppy endomorphs.

An added incentive for the apple shaped endomorph is the fact that excess fat carried on the upper body is the most dangerous to our health. You really really must get rid of it if you plan to live a long and healthy life.

As an endomorph it can seem we pack on fat just walking past a plate of delicate little pink iced cakes. (We tend to conveniently forget the couple we lifted off the plate as we drifted by).

Carbs are not an endomorph's best friend. While simple carbs like sugar and highly processed foods, soaked in saturated fat, are not going to do any somatotype (body type) any good, sadly even complex carbs are not among the best of food choices for an endomorph.

A moderate to high protein diet with a low to moderate carb intake will do just fine. Keep in mind that your protein must be lean. Forget the lardy bacon and eggs if you want to lose fat and get fit.

Eat most of your carbs in the first half of your day, having high protein meals in the late afternoon and evening. Never, ever skip a nutritious breakfast of protein, complex carbs and mainly unsaturated fats

With regard to exercise, we've got to learn to love cardio. With our naturally slow metabolism, cardio is going to get our fat burning.

You may favor long distance steady state cardio or you could factor in some high intensity cardio training, but the shorter the workout, the more effort you have to put in to see worthwhile results.

Either way, you'll need some resistance training as well to tone your muscles.

In order to sharpen your shape with some lean or mass muscles you need to moderate to heavy resistance training with quite short rests breaks between sets.

Become as informed as you can about diet and exercise for the endomorph body shape. You can get extremely frustrated with mainstream "one size fits all" programs that just don't suit your particular needs.

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